Mittwoch, August 22, 2018

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Der dänische Venture Club hat sich aufgelöst

Liebe Venture-Freunde,


die folgende Mitteilung des dänischen Clubs erreichte mich gestern:


Regarding Venture club Denmark.

I am very sorry to announce that Venture club Denmark has been shut down.

This a very sad thing, but on the other side, I am still here, and we have in common agreement decided to close the homepage etc. but still are in contact with each and other.

We share the passion for these older girls, and will keep on supporting all the way to all members of Venture clubs the best way we can, with whatever there is needed.

I for myself, will still continue getting support from where ever this is necessary, as due on the net there are a lot experience to get, and if ever some should have the idea to have a holyday in Denmark and perhaps get in troubles, we, the Venture owns will be behind with support to our very best to help you on the way further on your holidays.

Keeping in touch with all, and an appreciation for your understanding, that we are a small country and few bikes, but some very dedicated Ventures.

The president of the, dedicated Danish Venture owners.


Mr. Reima Henriksson


Wir wünschen den Clubmitgliedern alles erdenklich Gute.